Uneven wheelwear on Codemax 1200

I use a Codemax 1200 since a few months. 95% of the keys I cut with the ....14 wheel, the remainder with the ....11 wheel. As the ....14 wheel wears, I have to adjust the cutting depth. That then throws out of kilter the cuts made by the ....11 wheel, they then become too deep.

Is there an easy way around this, or should I just replace the ....14 wheel more often?

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cut with

the ....14

throws out

become too

the ....14

no easy way around it that I know of. the 14 wheel should be replaced as needed.


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Simple fix is to send both cutters off at the same time to be sharpened and request them to match the diameters.

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Roger Shoaf

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