Trying to run a locksmith business with Linux.

I had a consultant who came highly recommended try and switch me to a Linux based system from my AS/400 systems and it was a complete disaster. The programs kept crashing all the time. None of my suppliers could interface with me. My accountant's programs did not work with Linux.

I finally threatened to sue the consultant and I got my AS/400 system back and working.

Anyone who thinks Linux is ready for a small business world has rocks in his head. HB

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Hamilcar Barca
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You should have consulted with IBM. They would have told you it could be done or not. If it could they would have shown you the migration path and how much it would cost you. Your consultant wasn't Erik FunkenBusch was it??

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Listening to your 12 year old kid tell you about a buddy in school who kicks ass on some nintendo game was stupid.

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Norwegian Formula

This is a typical Linux moron response: "Linux failed because of you!" Gawd, how pitiful.

More than anything, it sounds like the Linux consultant didn't know enough to investigate his client's requirements, and plan for interfacing with disparate systems.

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Hi Liar, we have Linux running our small business perfectly fine!

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But do you use a Mac?

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Prez Shrub

On Thu, 10 Jun 2004 19:22:25 -0400, Hamilcar Barca revealed:

Another fine post by flatfart ... very pungent.

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