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I read the recent postings from and thought I'd write a personal note about the FAQ and how locksmiths might react to questions about defeating a lock.

Well - I shouldn't have bothered:

.... while talking to >>> RCPT To: <<< 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable 550 5.1.1 User unknown

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Henry E Schaffer
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As someone who is familiar with hotmail and how it works, the error that Henry posted in his message indicates "mailbox unavailable, user unknown"

==> TRANSLATION: that e-mail address doesn't exist...

If it did exist it could have returned an error of "mailbox full", or "account overquota"

Umm as for a time limit on the "free usage", LOL, nope, it is free, all 2MB of inbox space...

I have had this account for several years and it is still the same price it was back then FREE...

They (Hotmail) have made it much more of a pain in the butt to sign up for an account these days than it was way back three years ago when I opened this one...

Evan the Maintenance Man

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Actually, it was a legitimate account but, in using it, I got so much spam that I just stopped bothering. I imagine it got shut down about a year ago. I don't use my real email address on usenet anymore - I don't like the spam.

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Hotmail accounts EXPIRE if you don't use them... Read the terms of service...

It _WAS_ a legitimate account, _WAS_ is a past tense condition...

You are also posting from google, which usually indicates you have something to hide...

Evan the Maintenance Man

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It really doesn't matter whether or not an email addy is real. Virtually all newsreaders allow complete spoofing of it when posting anyway and probably more than half of posters use bogus ones. My only point was that alot of trolls including recent ones here do post via Google and do seem to favor hotmail addresses. However this guy has posted alot of messages over a period of time. None of our other google/hotmail trolling visitors have so there is probably no connection. Nevertheless there's not much reason to ask a how do I pick locks question here. It's been discussed to death just read the archives or check out the thousands of pages on the web.

Google is not really a very good way to hide anything. If you note the Google posting headers the ip address given is NOT Google posting but where the message originated from (in most cases). I imagine the trolls just use it because it's convenient to set up a bunch of accounts.

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there ya go !!!

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