What's going on ?

This basically is just a test to see why I haven't been able to see any
new posts since the 31st of last month.
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Steve Paris
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If your pointers get outawhack with your provider's newsserver, nothing works right.
The most comprehensive way to fix it is to reset 'em. In OE, you select the group that is the problem, R click or use File to get to Properties, Local File tab - click Reset button. Everything in the group is all gone. Then you need to download enough headers to make yourself happy. All of your read vs unread pointers are gone, every header you download is unread.
If everything is still screwed up after that, it's your provider's newsserver problem and you should troubleshoot it with access to a different newsserver. News problems are easier to solve if you have an alternate newsserver.
There've been about 45 posts after May 31.
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Mike Easter
reset your news groups. unsubscribe and then re-subscribe to each one. set settings for new messages only. if that don't work ? contact your news-server to see what their problem is...
g'day Steve
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"'Key" snipped-for-privacy@Ya.Net wrote in message
Thanks guys, it was the server. Most unreliable bunch ever. I'd change from them but I'd have to change my Email address, and that stuffs up all forms of advertising, Yellow pages, buisness cards, magnets, etc. One of these days !
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Steve Paris

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