Chemical Composition And The Quality Of Fused Cast AZS

Fused cast AZS block is the essential refractory material used in the deman ding areas of glass furnaces. The quality of fused cast AZS can affect the quality and production of glass and the service life of the glass furnaces. The chemical composition of fused cast AZS is one of the key factors that determine the crystal structure and the properties.

Fused cast AZS block has many chemical and physical properties over other r efractory materials, such as high temperature resistance, dense crystal str ucture, low porosity, high mechanical strength, good chemical stability, go od corrosion resistance, good thermal stability(1200?) and high exu dation temperature of glass phase(>1400?). Due to the features ment ioned above, it is widely used in the glass industry.

It is important to select high quality raw materials and improve the purity of the raw materials. Any change of the chemical composition can change th e crystal structure. Too much SiO2 can cause the formation of mullite and t he decrease of glassy phase and corundum, which will destroy the crystal st ructure and make the structure loose. ZrO2 has the features of high tempera ture resistance, high mechanical strength, good corrosion resistance to gla ss and good chemical stability, but the drawback is its bad thermal stabili ty at 1000-1200?.

The corrosion resistance to glass of fused cast AZS is related to not only the content of ZrO2 but also its micro-structure. The denser its micro-stru cture, the better its corrosion resistance to glass. Too much ZrO2 will mak e its micro-structure loose and the baddeleyite will drop into the glass me lt, which will cause glass defects such as stones, stripes and bubbles and reduce the service life of the glass furnaces. Therefore, its corrosion res istance to glass is not proportional to the content of ZrO2. Besides, with the increase of ZrO2, the melting temperature and viscosity of the glass me lt also increases, which increases the difficulty of manufacturing and cast ing.

The content of Na2O and the impurities such as Fe2O3, TiO2, CaO, MgO will a lso affect the quality of fused cast AZS. Therefore, the stability of chemi cal composition is important for the quality of fused cast AZS and the serv ice life of the glass furnaces. Sunrise offers high quality fused cast AZS block 33#, 36# and 41#.

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