How To Select Fused Cast AZS Block For Glass Furnaces

Fused cast AZS is made of pure alumina powder and zircon sand(65% ZirO2, 34 % SiO2). Its main crystal phase consists of corundum, baddeleyite and glass phase. The use of fused cast AZS expands the life of glass furnaces.

The life of glass furnaces can be expanded from 11-15 months to 3-4years, e ven longer. The melting temperature of the glass can be increased from 1450 ? to 1550 ?, even up to 1600 ?. The glass defects are reduced and the quality of glass is improved. The production capacity o f the glass furnace can be increased by 20-30%.

The damage of fused cast AZS is mainly caused by chemical attack and therma l stress. The quality and property of fused cast AZS plays a remarkable inf luence on the life of glass furnaces and quality of glass. The use of poor quality bricks will not only result in frequent shutdown and repair, limiti ng melting temperature and reducing the furnace production, but also shorte n the life of furnaces, cause glass defects (stripes, stones, etc.) and red uce the quality of the glass.

When selecting the size of fused cast AZS, the furnace design principles an d the producing conditions of fused cast AZS must be taken into account. Wh en the dimension is too big, it tends to crack and will increase the diffic ulty of packaging, transport and masonry. For the shaped brick, the feasibi lity of each production procedure and the specialty of the casting method s hould be taken into account.

The corner brick, dam block, bubble brick and doghouse always employ the fu sed cat AZS block 41#. The gaps between bricks should be less than 0.5mm. T he bottom of the brick should not have voids. The brick should not contains too many impurities. If the color of the brick is blue, there may be too m uch C in the brick. The cutting will directly determine the degree of conve rgence during masonry. The smaller the gaps are, the longer the life of the glass furnace is.

Sunrise offers different types of fused cast AZS block, including AZS 33#, AZS 36# and AZS 41#. Our fused cast AZS block is made of high quality raw m aterials and advanced technology. It has been widely used in the glass furn aces and improves the life of glass furnaces effectively.

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