How To Manufacture The Fused Cast Alumina Block

Fused cast alumina block is mainly composed of Al2O3 whose contents is more than 94 percent. It is produced by melting and casting high purity alumina in electric furnace at 2000?.

The producing process of fused cast alumina block includes mixing the raw m aterial, melting it in the electric furnace, casting, annealing, machining and then getting the final products.

In the manufacturing process of fused cast alumina blocks, first melt the r aw materials in an electric arc furnace. When the material has become molte n and its chemical and physical characteristics have been adjusted to the d esired condition, pour the molten material into a mold.

The mold is commonly made of graphite or other suitable materials. The mold is provided with a riser or header of ample size to enable complete fillin g of the mold without interference by material freezing in the headers. The cast material is left in its respective mold for heat treatment, or remove d from the mold after the outer walls of the casting have solidified and th en annealed without other than its own support. The cast parts are generall y packed closer together, thereby allowing them to anneal by virtue of thei r own heat.

After the blocks have cooled, similar to fused cast AZS block, the cast par ts are inspected and finished by diamond cutting and/or grinding. The heade r may be removed shortly after casting or after annealing. The amount of ma terial in the header is often about equal to the amount of material in the desired finished refractory piece. Header material is commonly recycled, bu t at considerable expense.

Fused cast alumina block has excellent endurance to strong alkali. Under 13

50?, it has strong corrosion resistance and almost does not contami nate to glass melting liquid . Because it does not contain impurities such as Fe2O3 and TiO2, when it comes into contact with glass liquid, air bubble s are rarely found. Therefore, this product has the special characteristic of minimizing contamination to glass liquid.

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