Fused Cast Alumina Blocks

Fused cast Alumina block is made by fusing a mass of Alumina raw material o f the desired composition to the molten condition, casting the fused materi al while molten into suitable molds, and cooling the cast material under co ntrolled conditions to form a monolithic article of desired size and shape. Fused Cast Alumina are perfect complements to the AZS range for sensitive applications.

Fused cast Alumina blocks are available in 3 types : Alpha-Beta Fused cast Alumina Block, Alpha fused cast alumina block and Beta fused cast alumina b lock.

Alpha-Beta Fused cast Alumina Block is formed by the compact structure of a pproximately 50% alpha alumina and 50% beta alumina crystals respectively i n a most ideal proportion,where intertwined crystals of both materials resu lt in a very dense structure. It has excellent corrosion resistance against molten glass and great performance against contamination to molten glass, thus it is very suitable for paving blocks and fore-hearth channel blocks.

When in contact with molten glass, it barely produces any blistering or sto nes. So, Alpha-Beta alumina blocks may be widely used in working tank, feed er channels, superstructures and lipstone, etc. In general, in soda-lime co ntainer furnaces Alpha-Beta alumina fused-cast is installed in the Alcove a nd channel areas, as alternative to AZS fused-cast for Alcoves and as alter native to AZS fused-cast, sintered alumina and other sintered refractories for channels.

Alpha fused cast alumina block is an ideal product for the lower temperatur e zones of the glass melting furnaces due to its high density, superior cor rosion resistance and low blister potential. It is also an ideal material f or Metallurgical Titanium Furnace because the superior thermal stability.

Beta fused cast alumina block comprises of a majority of Beta alumina cryst als and a slight portion of Alpha alumina crystals in compact structure. Mo reover, the intersected texture of large Beta alumina ensures great dimensi onal stability and great resistance against spalling. Its property of base saturation enables a higher resistance to alkali vapor, thus it has excelle nt thermal shock resistance and does not form molten droplets. It is the be st material for molter crown, port crown,feeder channel,ect.

Fused cast Alumina blocks are the typical glass contact materials for the e nd zones of furnaces when glass quality is the priority : TV Glass, high qu ality container glass, float glass. Its neutrality against alkali vapors ma kes it the best choice for the downstream part of superstructures in demand ing applications.

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