Free demo version of new phase-identification software MATCH! available

Dear Colleagues,
we are very pleased to announce version 1.2 of Match!, our new software for
phase identification from X-ray powder diffraction data. Match! compares the
powder diffraction pattern of your sample with a database containing
reference patterns in order to identify the phases which are present.
As reference database, you can apply the ICDD PDF-2 or PDF-4 (recommended)
and/or create a user database based on your own diffraction patterns. The
user database patterns can be edited manually, imported from peak files, or
calculated from crystal structure data (e.g. given as CIF files). It is also
possible to add your colleague's user database to your own avoiding the same
data to be entered more than once.
Here is a list of some highlighting features:
- Fast single and multiple phase identification from powder diffraction data
- Using the ICDD PDF-2 or PDF-4 database and/or your own diffraction data in
phase identification
- Comfortable user database manager for easy maintenance of user data
(add/import/edit/delete/sort entries)
- Fully integrated handling of your own diffraction data with PDF data
(search-match, retrieval, data viewing)
- Automatic residual searching with respect to identified phases
- Automatic raw data processing
- Comfortable manual editing of peaks (add/shift/delete)
- Semi-quantitative analysis (Reference Intensity Ratio method)
- Straight-forward usage of additional knowledge (composition,
crystallographic data, color, density etc.)
- Multiple step undo/redo
- User-configurable automatic operation
- Full parameter control with instant Results List rearrangement
- Automatic d-value shifting during search-match process
- Intensity contribution to figure-of-merit can be reduced for
preferred-orientation cases
- Support for new PDF entry numbers (9 digits)
More information is available on the Match! webpage
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A full featured demonstration version can also be downloaded for free from
this webpage. The only limitation is the time it can be used: The licence
expires 60 days after the software has first been started.
With best regards,
Holger Putz
Dr. Holger Putz
Crystal Impact
Dr. K. Brandenburg & Dr. H. Putz GbR
Postfach 12 51
53002 Bonn
Tel . : +49-228-9813643
Fax : +49-228-9813644
Web :
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H. Putz
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