Hafnium Carbide : Uncle Al ?

Couple of questions I can't quickly Google an answer to :
1) What is the evaporation point of Hafnium Carbide ( HfC ) ?
I can find various people telling me the melting point ( seems to
range, but 3,800 - 4,100 o C ) but as a result of some processing I
need to know the evaporation point.
2) HfC : made by reacting hafnium oxide with carbon at high
Is it a compound ? ( ie a chemical bond ) or is it a composite ?
To chemists these will probably sound like very sily questions. Sorry,
but as various people here know I'm just a scandium salesman.
Tim Worstall
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Tim Worstall
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Carbides of Zr, Hf, W, V, Nb, Ta, etc. belong structurally to the larger group of "intercalation" or "intersticial" compounds. You find several links and recent books with google. Older title is E.K. Storms: "The refractory carbides". Academic Press, 1967. You find there a chapter on Hf+HfC thermodynamics. J.J.
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jacques jedwab
My thanks to you both. Problem now solved.
Tim Worstall
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Tim Worstall

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