Material to resist falling snow particles

Is there any material that has the potential to resist falling snow flakes from sticking to it surface during heavy snow?

I was told that PTFE (teflon) has a special properties that nothing will stick on it. But after i test a PTFE coated baking tray during snow, found that it's not really the case. (in the internet there are many type of PTFE make (brand) and coating number (milli-meter)) does the make and coating number do play a part to it properties?

Actually i want to put a signboard (approx. 1 meter x 1.5 meter) outside my home but during snow it covered with snow flakes. Any suggestion to over come this problem?

Thank you Raj

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How about simple cooking spray like Pam? Might work.

Another suggestion would be to slightly tip the sign and let gravity be your friend.

Last, a properly placed spotlight might do the trick.

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heat it (your sign)

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Portly Stout

Heating tape of the type to keep outdoor pipes from freezing on the back of your sign would do the trick depending upon the size and composition of your sign. Available at any home improvement store it is pretty cheap and uses minimal energy. Alternately, a neon sign would solve the problem if you want your house to look like a pub!!!

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Here in the Northeast, we call this a roof. Put one over your sign.

Rich Mechaber

iggyboy wrote:

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Rich Mechaber

Perhaps you can paint the back of the sign black?

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Mark Thorson

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