How to Make Temp-Time Data Acquisition Kits

Dear Folks,

I have a task to make, a data acquisition system. My ideal system would be a thermocouple connected to a data acquisition kits (can be either USB or PCI) which links to a PC.

My problem is... I don't know how to do it, how to calibrate the thing.

Could anyone help me figure out for this? A step-by-step description is going to be great here.

ciao, SC.

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National Instruments do thermocouple readers, eg. cRIO-9211 which hooks into a USB interface USB-9162. Pico also do suitable data loggers

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Whether you need to calibrate and the method you use depends upon what accuracy you need. If you want to know about the ultimate in calibration look at
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but if you need that level of accuracy thermocouples are not the way to go.

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Robert Copcutt

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