looking for craft materials....any suggestions?

Hello, i'm a craft worker who has stumbled across this group. I was
wondering if anyone here can think of any materials which can be used
for building craft items of any kind which are perticulerly impresive
and would stand out from the crowd. I am sure people on this group
might have come across some amazing stuff since material engineering is
always advancing in knowlege day by day.
Would be interested to hear of anyone favorite materials which are on
the side of "the unusual" or "usefull for a craftsman to experiment
with. I have no specific design idears....just searching for knowledge
and tips...
many thanks if you can give any good tips..........A
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- memory metal for kinetic sculpture that changes with temperature - light tubes - Balsa wood for its strength to weight ratio - stainless steel for the rainbow effect you can get with proper chemical treatment
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Mitsubishi Materials' Precious Metal Clay:
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Mark Thorson
Glass and UV cure glue.
3D printing of metals.
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Andy Dingley
Shagreen, tabaschir, cacholong, meerschaum,... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ J.J.
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jacques jedwab

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