Si/Pyrex Anodic Bonding

I have been trying to anodically bond pyrex glass to one of my silicon
devices, but am having considerable trouble with the system 'tripping
off' all the time. This may be due to a dirty surface (due to the
features on the Si surface, it is difficult to do a proper clean
before the bond), but I am reasonably confident this is not the case.
However, as I am new to using this technique, I was wondering if it is
a problem if the glass plate (3 cm^2) is smaller than the wafer (~4
cm^2) to which it is bonded. I'm concerned about sparking between the
electrode (which is larger than both teh Si and glass side) and the Si
wafer outside the insulating layer. The voltage is around 800V, temp
is 300C (necessary for our process), while the current comes in at
Thanks in advance,
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Brian Dick
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