Bonding Conundrum

I am attempting to "chemically" bond a Carboxylated Nitrile latex to a
Film of Vulcanised Nitrile with limited success. I am assuming that
the surface functionalities are now somewhat limited on the vulcanised
film and hence the true bond capability is restricted. I can achieve
"a reasonable level of sticktion" but the coating can be peeled and
etched away relatively easily.
Can anyone please suggest an appropriate chemistry in which a
Vulcanised Nitrile can be successfully bonded to by "preferably" - an
aqueous born polymer?
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Sounds like a used condom. I get mine behind the liquor store dumpster Sunday mornings.
You're welcome.
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Dunter Powries
He's talking about VULCAN BONDING, numb-nuts! Can't you READ?
That's like on Star Trek when Spock goes into a sex frenzy once every 18 years.
I have to admit though I am not 100% following this, something about wrapping the Vulcan up in plastic, I think. I'm not all up on this kinky shit.
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Joe Cosby

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