How to bond vulcanized rubber to PVC?

What solvent or glue will permanently bond vulcanized rubber (a bicycle
inner tube) to PVC pipe?
I need a substance that will create a watertight bond and withstand
long-term exposure to mild lubricants (Hand lotion, vegetable oil,
Metal content: There's a 1/4-28 allen-head screw in there somewhere.
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Frank J Warner
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My bet is that a two-part urethane might do the trick. There are also blends of pvc and natural rubber that you might use as a "bonding layer" between two parts that are thermally welded.
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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh
Rubber cement or contact cement
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daniel peterman
It isn't really vulcanized rubber. It is a synthetic rubber. Perhaps buna, perhaps SBR, possibly EPDM. I have used 3M Pronto CA40H to bond EPDM to CPVC in production.
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Polymer Man
I'd use a hose clamp if I could; the rubber bits in the basement are all attached to cast iron and plastic with 'em.
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I 'think' Gorrila glue will do that. Uncle borrowed some to glue PVC pipe to wood and I've glued rubber to leather (sno pacs) so I think pvc to rubber is doable.
Wes S
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