CRM:Bonding Metal to Rubber- how to cheaply?

Hey Guys,
I have a small problem that I need your wise eyes to look at.
Yes, I know I could buy an assmbly but that would not be fun and
I have a drive plate from a motor that has a hard rubber "biscuit"
bonded to it the is in turn connected to the drive wheel. I have only
the one and what to make my own. I already have other "biscuits" and
thin metal plates to bond them to. I could try bolting into the rubber
but I was hoping I could recreate the one I already have and that way
I could customize the drive,(aka play with it more).
The Hirudinea
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I would do a few things:
Use a long set epoxy. 12 to 24 hours range.
Make sure the surfaces to be glued are absolutely clean. Use acetone or some other cleaning solvent.
Make something physical for the adhesive to stick to. Rough up the rubber. Make holes in the metal disk.
"Cook" the adhesive under a light bulb for several hours.
Buy my junk!
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Hey Guys,
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Contact cement?
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Jeff Shirley
Contact Cement can't handle the torque.
But Doc's Suggestion of a long time cure Epoxy seems to be holding up fine under the first round of tests. I am Still checking it out under high load( 5 lbs dead weight on 6 inch Dia pulley). Found some long cure epoxy and Did do a few holes in the Circumference of the metal plate and used a Wire brush on my grinder to rough up the rubber "biscuit" on the bonding side.
THank you one and all. Exspecially Doc.
BTW, I do not know the name/brand of the epoxy but there is a boat shop nearby that also makes custom fiberglass running boards for trucks and they gave me a little to use.
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If you got it from a boat shop it is likely "West System".
They have a variety of different hardeners that they add to to a basic resin. The longest cure is with the 206 hardener.
I haven't used West, but it is supposed to be "industry standard". (Good but expensive!)
I've had good results from a company called Industrial Formulators using their G1 and G2 epoxies.
I even used the G1 resin with the G2 hardener and it was excellent.
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