Glass to Metal Bonding

We need to bond Glass (large window, in situ) to bare steel. I've
tried 3M VHB tape, and cannot use any of the etching tapes (flourine
based) as we may need to get this off someday. Tape is preferred,
but we're running out of options. We cannot heat the window to
excess, and cannot apply enormous pressures.
We've tried most of the available 3M tapes, and a few other brands --
they all fall off when cleaning the window ie. a small amount of
water, or creep badly with small shear loads.
The area is quite large -- approx 60 square inches, and the static
shear load is low -- approx 10lbs. No dynamic loads.
Does anyone have any known good solutions ?
Gavin Melville
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Gavin Melville
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Why not use some silicone adhesives? As long as you have a good frame around the window, you can ensure that you have a good weathertight seal.
If there is some sort of environmental condition that needs to be accounted for, I am sure that you could find an adhesive that can withstand most anything you can throw at it.
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Dear Gavin Melville:
I second "YouGoFirst"s nomination of silicone-based adhesive. As for "getting it off" someday, there is always a hammer... ;>) Of course you've got to get the stuff to stick...
David A. Smith
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Super glue or cyanoacrylate adhesive may do the trick. It's the same stuff used to glue your rear view mirror onto your front windshield.
Have you considered how well you do your surface preparation?
Lance *****
Gavin Melville thought carefully and wrote on 10/31/2005 1:21 PM:
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Try Loctite
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I would think that if you ever wanted to get it off that it would be better to have a "soft" adhesive. Also, since we don't know the environmental conditions for the glass on steel, a flexible adhesive will allow for expansion of the steel frame. Loctite could potentially crack the glass. Also, you can form a better environmental seal between the glass and the frame.
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