alternatives to laminated glass in lighted grinder shields?

I recently picked up a pedestal grinder taht I'm putting back in service. It has
lighted eyeshields which are nice but the lenses show quite a bit of pitting and
also some partial delaminating. This makes them hard to look through which
defeats their whole purpose. The lenses are 3.75x5x.210" laminated glass. I'm
seeing quotes in the $8-10 range per lens to have new ones cut, and this seems
too high to me. I'm wondering if I could use Lexan (polycarbonate) instead. I
figure if it's good enough for lathe shielding maybe it's good enough for a half
horse pedestal grinder.
Nice little three-phase unit, wiring was screwed up when I got it, integral
motor starter, this unit was made by Rockwell in the '80s.
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Grant Erwin
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My Baldor came equipped with lexan or some acrylic plastic sheilds......other than having to be carefull when wiping them off, as they scratch easily, they do not pit. I view the shields more as a spark shield than any protection from a fragmenting stone......Just like the old welders cover thing that ever happened was when they came out with those plastic ones...
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