Raise a glass to Teenut.

It's a little belated, but it's time again to raise a glass. Hard to believe that it has been 17 years. Mourning his passing has become a metaphor for mourning the heyday of this group and the time when we were a powerhouse of metal working experience.

So I raise a glass of brown ale to Teenut and all the others I miss, whether they passed away or just passed on RCM when the signal to noise ratio got too low.

Pete Albrecht, Scott Logan, Marv Klotz, Phil Kangas, Spehro, Fitch, Ernie, Ted Edwards,Brian Lawson, Gary Coffman even Doug Goncz, who's crazy as a bedbug, but always entertaining, I miss you all. Cheers guys.

Paul K. Dickman

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Paul K. Dickman
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I never conversed with him that I recall. I've been on Usenet since the early 90s, but didn't get onto this group until much later. I have read a few of his posts in quote.

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Bob La Londe

Same here

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Consider a glass raised in spirit, if not in reality. I'm currently on so many medications that it would almost certainly be a bad thing to do.

I certainly miss him

Take care, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

Yes, here's to Teenut. May he RIP... clink ;>)

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Phil Kangas

Is Don Foreman still around?

He used to re-visit occasionally but I've not seen him post for ages. He had a great writing style.

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