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Is it as simple as saying the weight of the can denotes its fullness, or is there a curve of weight in a spray paint can as some of the butane/acetone is vaporised/depressurised.

i.e. giving the effect of weight of can going up before it starts going down.

if can starts full at 420g might it first rise to say 430g as solvents inside are depressurised and then start falling until just the can weight remains at say 200g.

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It doesn't matter if the solvents are present as liquid or vapour, they are still heavier than air. Converting liquid to vapour within the can does not change the mass of the can and contents. Barry

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Unless you force vapor/liquid/whatever into the can when its mass is

420g, there's no way for its mass to increase to 430g. Look up "Conservation of Mass" in any high school chemistry text.

Pressure, on the other hand, could increase similarly to what you stated, but only with an increase in temperature or composition of the contents. Pressure does not arbitrarily increase or decrease at equilibrium.

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brian stahl

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