Tar dissolves rust and is a reducing agent to steel/iron

Some 2 or more years ago I reported to the Internet of great luck in
restoring sheet metal roofing to its pristine shiny metal from aging
rust. I found that a application of roof tar, I use BlackJack brand of
which the ingredients is simply asphalt, and after it hardens for over a
year and pull off the tar leaves bright shiny steel and never a sign of
any rust.
So this year I am testing this asphalt roof tar on some very rusty steel
weights of 50 lbs used in old times as scale weights.
I suspect no chemist has found out that asphalt tar reduces rusty steel
back to pristine steel. And no chemist thus far knows why or how it
reduces steel.
But this is an important advance in steel chemistry because the primer
coat on all steels that rust should be this asphalt tar layer.
Especially bridges over water.
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