How to remove oil from impregnated sintered metal?

Hi group,
I have an element made of sintered metal, it has open pores and is
impregnated with oil (kind of light machine oil). Prior to chemical analysis
I need to remove that oil from pores. I've already tried boiling in acetone
inside distilling column, it did a good thing to it, but not perfect. What
solvent or a proverbal trick would you recommend to get rid of the oil. I
dont have vacuum furnace, just simple distilling column. Was thinking about
ether but safety and health issues scares me :). What about xylene or
toluene? What will work better than acetone?
Thanks a lot!
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..... What will work better than acetone?
Acetone is not a brilliant solvent for oils. We use Trichloroethylene or there is a solvent called SBP2 - used in oil labs for removing oils !
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Steve Taylor
Try with Triclorethilene vapours ! Try in open space.
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Xylene or toluene would be better. I would use a Soxlet extractor if you can get one. Frank
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Frank Logullo

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