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For the moment, water filters in the market mainly include the following categories: Micro filtration filter: Such as granule activated carton filter, PP cotton filter, ceramic filter, KDF filter, quartz filter etc. The precision of those filters is over 0.1 micron, which can't exclude the pollutants in the water effectively enough. The granule activated carbon filter only can eliminate the peculiar smell and chlorine, but it also can't eliminate all the poisonous chemical substances and other pollutants in the water. The Micro filtration filter usually can't attain the standard of directly drinking water. Super filtration filter: Includes the single super-filtration film filter and the filter compound with super-filtration film and other medium (such as activated carbon, KDF). The precision of the super-filtration film filter is about 0.01 micron, can effectively exclude the silt, rust, resin, bacteria etc harmful substances, synchronously, keep the profitable mineral microelements. If only adopt the single super-filtration film filter, which can't effectively exclude the peculiar color and smell, chlorine and heavy metal ion, it should be mixed with other medium, such as activated carbon, KDF etc filtration material, the effect will be better. Reverse osmosis pure water machine: Reverse osmosis device could remove the necessary mineral substance (calcium and magnesium) and other substances in the water, and produce highly softened water that is not beneficial for health. Mineralizing, magnetizing, activating and energy water filter: Usually speculate the notion, lack real virtual purge function. Even if they were claimed that they have the function of purge. They usually used the filter material of micro-filter gradation, as active carbon, ceramics filter etc., but which can't effectively remove the harmful pollution in the water. The main problem of drinking water is chlorine, organic compounds, THM's and heavy metal. Wherefore, the optimal filter is the device which can effectively decrease these main pollution and reserve the beneficial substance for health as Calcium, magnesium etc.

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