Algebraic Statistics and Computational Biology

Dear all,
We are circulating the table of contents of the Oct. 2007 issue of
Statistica Sinica, and very delighted to present eight theme articles
on Algebraic Statistics intended for an emerging interdisciplinary
research field between statistics and mathematics. We also have a
historical review of this field by Professor Stephen Fienberg. Anyone
who is interested in or working on this topic might wantto download
the review article at (click on the current issue):
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Karen Li --- on behalf of the Co-Editors
Editorial Assistant
Algebraic statistics: a new bridge between statistics and mathematics
Mathias Drton, Seth Sullivant, Chun-Houh Chen, Vanja Dukic and
Jun Liu
Expanding the statistical toolkit with algebraic statistics
Stephen E. Fienberg
Algebraic statistical models
Mathias Drton and Seth Sullivant
Molecular phylogenetics from an algebraic viewpoint
Elizabeth S. Allman and John A. Rhodes
Epistasis and shapes of fitness landscapes
Niko Beerenwinkel, Lior Pachter and Bernd Sturmfels
Counting and locating the solutions of polynomial systems of maximum
likelihood equations, II: The Behrens-Fisher problem
Max-Louis G. Buot, Serkan Hosten and Donald St. P. Richards
Algebraic Bayesian analysis of contingency tables with possibly zero-
probability cells
Guido Consonni and Giovanni Pistone
Contingency tables of network type: models, Markov basis and
Lawrence H. Cox
Bounds on the number of inference functions of a graphical model
Sergi Elizalde and Kevin Woods
On the description and identifiability analysis of experiments with
Hugo Maruri-Aguilar, Roberto Notari and Eva Riccomagno
Exact tests for negligible interaction in two-way analysis of variance/
Bin Cheng and Jun Shao
Bivariate hard thresholding in wavelet function estimation
Piotr Fryzlewicz
Blind deconvolution and deblurring in image analysis
Peter Hall and Peihua Qiu
Two-sample tests in functional data analysis starting from discrete
Peter Hall and Ingrid Van Keilegom
Least absolute deviations estimation for the accelerated failure time
Jian Huang, Shuangge Ma and Huiliang Xie
Adaptive designs for stochastic root-finding
V. Roshan Joseph, Yubin Tian and C. F. Jeff Wu
Designed extension of survival studies: application to clinical trials
with unrecognized heterogeneity
Yi Li, Mei-Chiung Shih and Rebecca A. Betensky
Estimating the number of species with multiple incidence-based
Chang Xuan Mao
Large sample properties of shape restricted regression estimators with
smoothness adjustments
Jayanta Kumar Pal and Michael Woodroofe
Asymptotics of sample eigenstructure for a large dimensional spiked
covariance model
Debashis Paul
Comparison between estimates of the hypothetical proportion with and
without standardization for a non-confounder
Xueli Wang, Zhi Geng, Qiang Zhao and Qi Qiao
Transformed partial least squares for multivariate data
Li-Xing Zhu, Li-Ping Zhu and Xin Li
A note on smoothed functional inverse regression
Liliana Forzani and R. Dennis Cook
Reply to the paper by Liliana Forzani and R. Dennis Cook, "A note on
smoothed functional inverse regression"
L. Ferre and A. F. Yao
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Karen Li
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