Statistica Sinica January issue

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I am sending you the table of contents for the Jan 2008 issue of Statistica Sinica. In this issue, there are several discussions on Fygenson's paper "Modeling and predicting extrapolated probabilities with outlooks," and a short editorial by Dr. Xuming He. Please click on the "Current Issue" at the following website to access the editorial:

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We are still accepting submissions to the theme topic on multiscale methods up until February 29th. Please check the journal sites above for more information.

Sincerely, Karen Li---on behalf of the Co-editors Editorial Assistant Statistica Sinica


Editor's Melange Highlights Far away from data-land Michelle Liou and Xiao-Li Meng

Editorial Pessimistic outlook with an optimistic outlook Xuming He

Discussion Paper

Modeling and predicting extrapolated probabilities with outlooks Mendel Fygenson

Invited discussions I-Shou Chang, Li-Chu Chien and Chao A. Hsiung Cheng-Der Fuh and Inchi Hu Peter McCullagh Stephen Portnoy

Contributed discussions Vance Berger, Shu Zhang and YanYan Zhou Jose M. Bernardo Atanu Biswas David Draper Mark S. Kaiser and Daniel J. Nordman Michael D. Larsen Chuanhai Liu

Rejoinder Mendel Fygenson


General ranked set sampling for efficient treatment comparisons Zehua Chen, Jianbin Liu, Liang Shen and You-Gan Wang

Second order saturated orthogonal arrays of strength three Ching-Shui Cheng, Robert W. Mee and Oksoun Yee

Efficient estimation methods for informative cluster size data Chin-Tsang Chiang and Kuang-Yao Lee

Exact optimal designs for weighted least squares analysis with correlated errors Holger Dette, Joachim Kunert and Andrey Pepelyshev

Nonparametric conditional inference for regression coefficients with application to configural polysampling Yvonne H. S. Ho and Stephen M. S. Lee

Orthogonal-Maximin Latin hypercube designs V. Roshan Joseph and Ying Hung

Parameter estimation of chirp signals in presence of stationary noise Debasis Kundu and Swagata Nandi

A generalization of the the Levin-Robbins procedure for binomial subset selection and recruitment problems Cheng-Shiun Leu and Bruce Levin

Analysis of competing risks data with missing cause of failure under additive hazards model Wenbin Lu and Yu Liang

Uniformly balanced repeated measurements designs in the presence of subject dropout Dibyen Majumdar, Angela M. Dean and Susan M. Lewis

The maxiset point of view for estimating integrated quadratic functionals Vincent Rivoirard and Karine Tribouley

Confidence intervals based on survey data with nearest neighbor imputation Jun Shao and Hansheng Wang

Improving dimension reduction via contour-projection Hansheng Wang, Liqiang Ni and Chih-Ling Tsai

Empirical processes of stationary sequences Wei Biao Wu

Common canonical variates for independent groups using information theory Xiangrong Yin and T. N. Sriram

Semiparametric transformation models with random effects for clustered failure time data Donglin Zeng, D. Y. Lin and Xihong Lin

The $F_{\infty}$-norm support vector machine Hui Zou and Ming Yuan

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