Statistica Sinica newly-accepted articles (Nov. 2007)

Dear All,
I am attaching a list of Statistica Sinica newly accepted articles. All accepted but yet to be published articles can be found at: /
(Please click on Preprint Articles.) For those articles whose full- texts are not available, please contact the corresponding authors for a first-hand reading of their work.
Please also note that the paper submission deadline for the theme: "Multiscale Methods and Statistics: A Productive Marriage" is December 31, 2007, although there might be some flexibility on this point. The theme topic information is also available at the above site.
Merry Christmas, Karen Li, on behalf of the Co-Editors
PS. Please contact me at if you have any problems. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
SS-06-177 Tracking of multiple merging and splitting targets: A statistical perspective Curtis B. Storlie (storlie AT
SS-06-204 Empirical Bayes methods for estimation and confidence intervals in high-dimensional problems Debashis Ghosh (ghoshd AT
SS-06-225 Marginal likelihood for distance matrices Peter McCullagh (pmcc AT
SS-06-239 Smoothed block empirical likelihood for quantiles of weakly dependent processes Song Xi Chen (songchen AT
SS-06-275 Semiparametric estimation for a class of time-inhomogeneous diffusion processes Min Li (limin AT
SS-06-292 Estimating the population size for a multiple lists problem with an open population Paul S. F. Yip (sfpyip AT
SS-06-301 On the unified method with nuisance parameters Bodhisattva Sen (bodhi AT
SS-06-308 Uniform estimation of a signal based on inhomogeneous data Stephane Gaiffas (gaiffas AT
SS-06-321 Asymptotic overshoot for arithmetic IID random variables I-Ping Tu (iping AT
SS-06-344 Generalized least squares estimation of the mean function of a counting process based on panel counts X. Joan Hu (joanh AT
SS-06-345 Existence of the MLE and propriety of posteriors for a general multinomial choice model Jaeyong Lee (jylc AT
SS-06-346 Multivariate histograms with data-dependent partitions Jussi Klemela (klemela AT
SS-06-358 A change-point model for survival data with long-term survivors Xian Zhou (maxzhou AT
SS-06-371 Inference for normal mixtures in mean and variance Jiahua Chen (jhchen AT
SS-06-372 Nested space-filling designs for computer experiments with two levels of accuracy Boxin Tang (boxint AT
SS-06-377 Selecting the last record with recall in a sequence of independent Bernoulli trials Jiing-Ru Yang (jryang AT
SS-07-019 Selecting the number of change-points in segmented line regression Hyune-Ju Kim (hjkim AT
SS-07-028 Construction of optimal mixed-level supersaturated designs Dennis K. J. Lin (lin AT
SS-07-033 [Statistical Challenges and Advances in Brain Science] Spatio-spectral analysis of brain signals Hernando Ombao (ombao AT
SS-07-068 Using profile likelihood for semiparametric model selection with application to proportional hazards mixed models Ronghui Xu (rxu AT
SS-07-103 Relaxing latent ignorability in the ITT analysis of randomized studies with missing data and noncompliance Leslie Taylor (taylorl AT
SS-07-111 [Statistical Challenges and Advances in Brain Science] An overview of modeling techniques for hybrid brain data Atanu Biswas (atanu AT
SS-07-128 [Statistical Challenges and Advances in Brain Science] Encoding cortical surface by spherical harmonics Moo K. Chung (mkchung AT
SS-07-136 [Statistical Challenges and Advances in Brain Science] Inferring individual differences in fMRI: Finding brain regions with significant within subject correlation Tor D. Wager (tor AT
SS-07-150 Spline estimation of single-index models Lijian Yang (yang AT
SS-07-153 [Multiscale Methods and Statistics: A Productive Marriage] Adapting to unknown smoothness by aggregation of thresholded wavelet estimators Christophe Chesneau (christophe.chesneau AT
SS-07-179 Chracterization of general minimum lower order confounding via complementary sets Runchu Zhang (zhrch AT
SS-07-238 Variable selection in quantile regression Yichao Wu (yichaowu AT
SS-07-262 Bootstrap-based penalty choice for the Lasso, achieving oracle performace Byeong U. Park (bupark2000 AT
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