ANNEvolve Project Releases EvSail With Migration Capability

The Annevolve project has released another update to their Evsail
software, now at release 2.4. This time we added migration. Now, if
two or more copies of EvSail are running, then chromosomes will
migrate among them. If they are on the same computer, then no
additional software is required. If they are on networked machines
then an additional program is required. This program is currently
being developed. This software now behaves essentially the same as
our 4Play project, which has had the migration capability for some
EvSail 2.4 evolves ANNs that control virtual sailboats. These must
function in spite of randomly varying winds, and attempt to
circumnavigate an island in minimum time. Hence, these ANNs are
adaptive optimal controllers.
Please read about all of the new EvSail 2.4 features in the EvSail.C
and EvSail.txt files contained in the release package at:
formatting link

We welcome you to download the latest version and participate in our
experiment. Ideas and questions about EvSail can be directed to the
developers mailing list at:
formatting link

If you wish to develop your own controller, to compare with our ANNs,
we have a program to perform such testing. It is the SailChallenge
package, downloadable from our files page.
The Annevolve team is experimenting with the Evolution of Artificial
Neural Networks (ANNs). They are combining the two fields of
Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Neural Networks. Find out more
about EvSail and other ANN programs at the Annevolve project at:
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