Framsticks 2.7 has been released.

We would like to announce the release of the next
version of Framsticks, v2.7. Framsticks is a versatile
simulator of artificial life forms, used for research
and education in many fields of science, including
evolutionary computation, artificial intelligence,
neural networks, robotics, biology, cognitive sciences,
and neuroscience.
Version 2.7 fixes a few problems, mainly in Windows GUI.
A new experiment definition is added, which generates
a log file with all the genetic operations performed
during evolution. It may be used to externally analyze
this process. In v2.7, neurons are described in more detail and
the neural network drawing can be configured in Body windows.
The free FramsView program has also been updated.
Framsticks Graphical User Interface for MS Windows can
be downloaded directly from
formatting link

and the full list of downloads (including Linux versions)
is at
formatting link

Please visit the site to learn more about Framsticks,
download software, and access on-line user news forums:
formatting link

Kind regards,
Maciej Komosinski
Szymon Ulatowski
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Maciej Komosinski
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