10K psi 3 micron inline filter?

We're looking for a 3 micron 10,000-psi-rated inline filter.
We had four we put in about 15 years back, one got contaminated a few weeks ago
and the inside element got crushed - it is not a replaceable element in the
We tried a few of the local hydraulic houses, but their stuff, while extensive
in number, is all in the 3000 psi and under range. Enerpac didn't have
Any sources in instruments, aviation, etc.? (A larger mesh may be OK)
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Dear Hobdbcgv:
Filters -> Pall Corporation I don't own stock (or sell them), but I've never been disappointed with their products. URL:
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(home page) they also have several choices in the 6500 psig range.
David A. Smith
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N:dlzc D:aol T:com (dlzc)
mobile hydraulic
Flow rate?
under 1 gpm
nothing unusual - ambient
Allowable pressure drop?
100 psi
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Look at
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to the Valves, fittings and tubing section and under the Taper Seal product section you will find in-line filters rated at 15000 psi and down to 0.5 micron. They require special fittings from the company but a large line of adapters is available for NPT etc.
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The 47mm one might do the job:
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Have you tried the Thomas Register?
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Lance *****
Hobdbcgv, >> Fluid?
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I would try GlobalSpec
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You can search for filters by specifications and connect to suppliers with your exact needs quickly. Much better than Thomas Register.
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