psi vs. flow

For a standard set of Victor 450 and 460 regulators, is there any guide
available that converts psi gauge to volume flow? I'm having a little
problem getting the gas/oxygen mixture just right on my gopher buster. I
can get it to pop, sometimes BALOOEY!, and sometimes splut ....... The deep
low tone detonations are supposed to be the best.
I have tried alternating, running in some propane, then some O2. That
works. At times, though, when I have run about three minutes of mix down
the hole, and it would seem I'd get a pop, I don't. Then, there are times
when I get a nice pop, then secondary and even one more after I turn off the
gas flow.
I'm having some pretty good luck with it so far, just looking for
consistency and predictability. The proprietary model says 98% oxygen and
2% propane, but I can't figure out what the numbers would be in PSI, and
that seems like a lot of oxygen when I have gotten it to fire with a lot
I need to carry a pistol with rat shot. The other day, I had one shoving
dirt out an opening while I was rigging another. Could have smacked him
with a stick he was so close. I get no respect, I tell ya.
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There is a way to convert PSI to CFM, but you need flow the gas over an orifice.
I would consider two independent needle valves on each gas feed. One could be adjusted through experimentation for optimum mix, and the other used to turn the gas on and off. So you wouldn't loose your last reference on flow, just to turn the gas off. You could over tighten the packing glands to help maintain the reference point.
You could also experiment with orifice unions of some type, and adjust pressure. But the extra needle valve would serve the same purpose with less experimentation, especially on a "one of kind" project.
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