ASTM Weldless chain standard

In the ASTM Standard for weldless chains (A466/A466M-01) it states
that..."This test is a manufactuerer's attribute acceptance test and
shall not be used as criteria for service."
What does that mean?
Is it advising against end-users applying the test to chains used in
their products?
Does it mean that the manufacuturer of the chain must apply these tests
prior to supplying the chain to the end-user?
Any elucidation is appreciated.
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"N:dlzc D:aol T:com \(dlzc\)" wrote in news:Armcf.41273$bo.39815@fed1read01:
2) should read, the test provides no warranty that the chain will not fail at lower loads, i.e. you can't sue us, we have a disclaimer.
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