Automotive disk brake retrofit to hysteresis/eddy current type

Anybody know of a supplier of electric =96no actual pad contact- disk
brakes that use eddy current/hysteresis principle for their action.
A retrofit for the existing automotive disk caliper would be nice.
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Dear amorrison...:
Since they fail to actually stop a car (only slow it down), I suspect litigators would have put them all out of business. Or will soon.
You might try the companies listed here:
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David A. Smith
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Found some large truck hysteresis brakes here - but much too large.
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I want the brake to operate between 80 and 100% of maximum rpm so dead stop torque does not apply.
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The following is from memory, check all statements for accuracy.
You are unlikely to find an eddy brake that is a swap for disk calipers. The electromagnetic coils would have to be large relative to the calipers because braking force goes up (more or less) as the square of the initial induced flux in the rotor, i.e. at zero rotor angular velocity. Also, the braking force goes up as the rotor thickness. You want big magnets and a thick rotor.
Note that the maximum braking force occurs at a relatively slow rotor velocity. As the rotor velocity goes up induced flux goes down.
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Charly Coughran

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