Blair's The Basic Design of Two-Stroke Engines Software

Does anybody have a copy of the software (BASIC source code) that came with GP Blair's 1990 book entitled "The Basic Design of Two-Stroke Engines"?

Also, a listing of errata to the book?

I'm porting the software from the back of the book and I've found some errors in the listings.

I have the software that comes with Blair's second book, "Design and Simulation of Two Stroke Engines". Unfortunately this is executable code, no source code.


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Dear ecook:

Did he give the "Main" program a name?

David A. Smith

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There are a number of programs that have listings in the back of the book. I'm interested in getting the source code to all of them. The one I'm currently working on is entitled "Exhaust" (Prog2.1), and it can be found on pages 442-461.

The programs are listed on pages 407-651. Almost 250 pages! That's a lot of scanning and correcting. One little floppy disk would save a bunch of work.

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Try this site and message board:

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david smith

Why don't you mail him? He's at


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Tim Fulcher

Actually, I did email him to ask if he had the errata. And he did answer back. He said he no longer had the errata since the book is so old. That seemed a bit odd, but...

I didn't ask for the source code - since it was sold by the SAE. Maybe I should have.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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ecook Tue, 12 Jun 2007 20:31:56

Try the MC-Engine Yahoogroup

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There are people there who may have it or may know where to get it.

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Julian Bond

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