Bulletproof composite materials

What are the composite materials used for the bulletproof car body and
the reasons for selecting such materials ?
I do expect reasonable replies from atleast a few.
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"How do you make a bulletproof car body?"
Lots of hits.
"What kinds of materials are bulletproof?"
"What makes a material bulletproof?"
The ability to transfer energy through displacement, faster than failure. Thixotropic comes to mind.
David A. Smith
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Hits are not giving the composition of materials or the reasons for it and most of them are related to Kevlar. My sir says Polycarbonates too are used in this regard.
Any how ur suggestions gave me some insight reg., the problem.
Please send if u have any new suggestion.
thank u
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I laid up woven glass and choped strand in alternate layers, with normal polyester resin ( 0.8 by weight of glass, ) 5 layers ( 3 roving 2 CSM )
this was used to blast proof gearbox covers on army landrovers in Northern Ireland.
Hope this helps
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Jonathan Barnes
In any defense outfit I know of, offering details of this kind would be dumb.
You know that there is reactive armor, and composites made with layers of material that are highly resistant to penetration.
You probably are not going to get very much more than this....
Brian Whatcott
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Brian Whatcott
Polycarbonates aren't really composites, unless it's used as a matrix material (and I haven't heard of any composites with a PC matrix, but there might be some out there). Kevlar is used in bulletproof jackets, which is a common reinforcement in LOTS of composites.. It really depends on what you define as "bulletproof"...
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