flush or low profile pivot fastener

I need a flush or very low-profile fastener for the pivot points of levers
in a scissor arrangement. For an illustration of what I'm talking about,
see the mechanism on page 10 of this pdf:
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of the levers slide past the pivots of other levers, so the fastener
can't stick out. If it sticks out at all, it has to be very low profile.
What is the correct name for such faseners?
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Michael Robinson
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Dear Michael Robinson:
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Some of the levers slide past the pivots of other
You either form a counterbore, and use a standard fastener... or you form a countersink and use a countersink head screw or rivet.
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is the most common angle (in the USA anyway), so those fasteners will be least expensive (in the USA).
David A. Smith
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