For Auction: Thermal Imaging Camera - One Day Left

Forward Looking Infra Red / Thermal Camera / Thermal Imager
For Auction: Thermal Imaging Camera.
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Here Are A Few of The Many Uses For This Thermal Camera:
Roofing diagnostics that determine wet and damaged insulation or leaks in flat
roof structures
Location of people or vehicles through thick fog or smoke
Process control
Detect heat (or cold) loss areas
Detecting moisture/mold/water inside walls and ceilings
Heat loss evaluation of buildings and products
Flow evaluation / monitor for steam lines, steam traps, water pipes and oil
Corona detection in power line insulators
Verification of soft tissue injury to prevent insurance fraud
Surveillance /
Stakeout force protection
Riot control / Recon
Law enforcement /
Suspect pursuit and capture
Perimeter control of critical installations
Wild fire recon and hot spot detection for mop up operations
Poor visibility navigation on land and at sea
Flammable liquid detection in drums and storage tanks. Tank level detection of
various gasses and fluids.
Victim location (dead or alive)
Search and rescue
Oil spill location and containment
Vessel Identification for secure harbor monitoring
Anti-terrorism efforts on open borders
Homeland security
Wildlife observation and control
Wildfire hot spot detection
Wilderness search and rescue
Poaching control
Geo-thermal event detection
Driver safety at night
Enhanced visibility in stormy conditions day or night
Reduce the risk of hitting animals in the road
Engine / system diagnostics
Predictive maintenance & preventative maintenance in electrical power
transmission equipment and predictive maintenance in machinery
Non-destructive testing (NDT) of critical components and preventive maintenance
of online systems.
Energy audits of commercial and residential structures in order to determine the
energy efficiency of the building
(building diagnostics)
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