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Hi there Guys,
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I've another little problem.
I now have to design the hydraulic system for my stone splitting
Does anyone know of any sites that have online catalogues for valves,
pumps rams etc?
The rams must have a joint force of 500tones.... So does that mean I
can put two 250ton rams in?
My machine will work like this:
1: A large rock will be placed on to the roller bed of the machine
2: The operator will position the rock for the desired cut
4: The operator will open a return valve for the conforming teeth
3: The operator will move the blade down so the teeth conform to the
4: The teeth will then be locked in position (by closing the return
5: The blade will the be lowered to split the rock
6: The blade will then be lifted and the teeth will all extend to home
5: The machine is now ready for another cycle
How will I do this Hydraulically?.. I have an idea of how to do it but
the conforming teeth are throwing me off... it this some sort of check
Thanks loads,
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Ohhh... just thought I'd add that the sustem will be fully manual... there will be no Solenoids etc... just actuator valves.
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Yes, indeed. Contact distributors like Motion Industries
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. They either will have someone who can tell you what you need or they can direct you to someone who can. You can also direct inquiries through the National Fluid Power Association
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or the International Fluid Power Society
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. Salesmen can be friends when they smell a sale.
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A roller bed may not be suitable for an iregular stone block
How many teeth will be mounted on the blade ?
Do you just alow the teeth to fall, drop the carrier till all teeth are pushed up by the rock and then use a hydralic clamp to lock them, or are they controled individualy ?
What about the base, will a second set of blades come up from beneath ?
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Jonathan Barnes
This concept will not work, it will just shatter your rock. Most rocks are cut by a diamond wheel Here is a link to one of the best comapnies for hydralics
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Hmmm...I read not too long ago that the stock method of cutting rock slabs is with a long moving wire fed with powdered rock and water.
Brian Whatcott Altus OK
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Brian Whatcott
Yes - provided that you arrange for them to work in the same direction (i.e. help one another out) - having a 250 ton ram at the top pushing block down and 250 ton ram at bottom pushing block up isn't going to help much is it?
So you've already decided it would be more cost effective to have a few big rams plus hydraulic rams on all the teeth than to just use rams on the teeth?
I don't see it somehow.
Best of Luck - Mike
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Mike Yarwood
You are correct for slabs this is how they cut marble in Italy. Also rock is cut by high pressure water see
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smaller items you use a diamond wheel
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