Need an advice pneumatics

I need to implement the following functionality:
A small volume tank 0.2 L slowly fills by leak from high-pressure
when the pressure in the tank reaches krack treshold of 2-3 ATA, a
valve opens and exhausts it into the athmosphere untill the pressure in
the tank is close to athmospheric pressure.
I need it to exhaust very fast (very high flow rate)
Is there any standard air valve which can do such function?
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Dear Eli:
Use a sequence valve to set the "threshold" pressure, have it pilot open a simple 2-way valve. You can bleed some air out of the pilot circuit to allow the cycle to repeat.
David A. Smith
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That's the good mechanical method, simple, eazy-smeazy. Another method is an electrical differential pressure switch and a spring-return valve.
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Dear Anthony:
Well, yea! This is a mechanical newsgroup after all...
A standard "pop off valve" would work all on its own, as long as the OP didn't need cycling... They relieve at pressure setting, and never close unless manually reset (or are replaced).
David A. Smith
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