Need some input on penetration dynamics

I am seeking papers/books with information regarding "ballistic" penetration through materials (< 20 m/s). More details:

  1. The material is highly flexible (like an elastomer).
  2. I have a background in struct. dynamics, and I would like to understand both the basics and a more advanced treatment of this topic.

I am just getting started with this project so I appreciate any information you can provide.

Kurt Sutherland

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penetration dynamics for < 20 m/sec ?

velocities in the neighborhood of thrown objects?

I'd wager that most work has been done in 300++ m/sec range, velocities of military interest.

cheers Bob

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Thanks for the input. Yes, most of the research out there is related to military applications such as armor piercing. In the medical field there is some interesting research on suture penetration.

My problem is in between those two, and I have found some related info. in the penetrometer world, where people use these instruments to test gels, waxes, makeup, etc.

I have characterized this problem quite well experimentally, but I would like some theoretical validation. For instance, what is the general importance of mass, speed, momentum, and velocity.

Cheers, Kurt.

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