Polynomial Control Systems for Mathematica Now Available

The new Polynomial Control Systems (PCS) from Wolfram Research
expands the functionality of Control System Professional Suite
(CSPS), a framework of tightly integrated Mathematica application
packages that provides an object-oriented environment for solving
the common control problems that arise in engineering, science,
economics, and finance.
Polynomial Control Systems offers new tools for modeling,
analysis, and design of linear control systems described by
polynomial equations, matrices, and elements. It is the third
package in CSPS, joining Control System Professional and Advanced
Numerical Methods, the latter of which provides state-of-the-art
numerical algorithms for systems and control.
New features for control system design using PCS include:
* Extensive tools for system analysis, such as the Smith and
McMillan standard forms and the Luenberger controllable and
observable canonical forms
Facilities for the computation of controllability and
observability indices, invariant and transmission zeros, and
detection and removal of input and output decoupling zeros
* Computation of the relative gain array (RGA) and RGA number
Direct and inverse Nyquist arrays for analyzing input-output
interaction and diagonal dominance using Gershgorin and Ostrowski
circles, as well as row and column dominance ratio plots
* Frequency-domain design methods using the Perron-Frobenius
eigenvalue and eigenvector plots, characteristic value plots, and
the characteristic locus method
Design of constant and dynamic scaling compensators, pseudo-
diagonalizing compensators, and aligning compensators
PCS is largely the work of the late Professor Neil Munro, a
Fellow of the IEEE and the IEE, and head of the Control Systems
Centre at the University of Manchester. A pioneering expert in
the field, Dr. Munro made critical contributions to the control
research community over the course of nearly 40 years.
PCS can be immediately downloaded from the Wolfram Research web
store; an introductory discount is available. The package
includes 225 pages of online documentation that provide a concise
introduction to the implemented constructs and algorithms, as
well as many worked examples.
For more information about PCS, visit:
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