Re: Grade 8 vs Grade 5 bolts

As an infrequent usenet user I have a question related to the thread rather
than original question.
What is a talking dog?
What is a top post?
They both are mentioned as undesirable attributes in a usenet post. In the
interest of not committing such a faux pas in the future I will try to avoid
both. But first I need help understanding what they are. Hopefully I'm not
guilty of both in this post.
Jon Juhlin
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Jon Juhlin
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Dear Jon Juhlin:
I hadn't heard that one either. I have heard of a sock puppet, which is a fake ID, that is used to essentially agree with one's self. It is supposed to lend credence to your words, if "people" are seen to agree with you.
Posting your response before the text you are responding to. If you note, anyone can read this, and see that your questions are either answered, or not. It follows smoothly, and it appears "not rude".
What you haven't done, and isn't important, since you are not responding to the subject of the thread, is leave the person's name or "handle" in your posting. It is common to only review posings for: 1) subjects of interest, or 2) responses that contain your name (or handle)
David A. Smith
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N:dlzc D:aol T:com (dlzc)
1) This is a top post, and....
....this is a bottom post.
Some people have unreasonable fixity as to which is the proper mode.
2) There is a long-standing saying on usenet that nobody can tell that you are a dog...when posting. [The current incarnation of this saying, is the middle-aged man who haunts chat-rooms as a precocious teen-ager, in order to get his jollies.]
Brian Whatcott ALTUS ok
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Brian Whatcott

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