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Hi group. Looking for a length of rubber hose 26mm inside diameter, that is impervious to gasoline. This is for cutting eight 4" - 6" lengths, so I need two to three feet of it. This will be used to make "boots" that go horizontally on an "81 Honda CB650 motorcycle. The boots go between the 4 carbs and the motor, and also the carbs and the airbox, which sits under the seat and holds the air filter. So I need 2-3 feet of 26mm i.d. hose that will safely pass gas :+) gosh thanks for any input/ideas

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Dear kundaliniratter:

Lots of companies make such hose. Where in the world are you?

SAE J1402 TYPE AII DOT AII page 3 of the pdf

7/8" ID = 22.2 mm 1-1/8" ID = 28.6 mm

The hose presents nearly enough volume to act as a gas tank... hope you don't start a fire.

David A. Smith

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Phew! I was afraid this group was getting kinky.

Bret Cahill

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Bret Cahill

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