Shear Pin Impact Loading (Knuckle Joint)

I have a situation in which there is a brass pin placed in a knuckle
joint. Its a 10mm dia pin subjected to two shear areas (as is usually
the case of a knuckle joint). I have performed static shear tests and
the shear strength of the component has been found to be 300 MPa.
I need to find an empirical formula that characterises the pin shear
behaviour in an Impact loading using the results of the already
performed static strength test. (w/o performing any impact testing or
if inavitable then what should be the method of testing).
The case for the impact loading is just the breakage/shear criterion.
Moreover while simulating the static/impact analysis in ANSYS 5.7 what
would be the mehtod to interpret the shear results graphically.
RJ Khan
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