Stirling doesn't work

Hello everybody,
I have got a little Stirling engine from our school's experimental
equipment, which I need for a lecture. But unfortunately it doesn't
work. I heated the cylinder with the original small alcohol burner,
later with a gas burner, kicked the flywheel many times, but it doesn't
I'm unsure whether the engine ever has worked in a physics lesson, in
any case the engine is nearly new. It is a one-piston engine and can be
seen on
formatting link
my website) on the
very bottom.
Can anyone help to get this machine work?
Thanks for your attention,
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Michael Käppler
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Stirling engines like this only just produce enough power to run themselves. probably cleaning it out and oiling it's joints will help. It's possible to over heat the regenorator, and burn the oil that lubricates it.
-- Jonathan
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Jonathan Barnes
I've seen 'em work, and stopped and started them. Okay, one. Not exactly a torque monster. It couldn't tolerate any friction. If you get the flywheel spinning, it should take a while to spin down.
Track down and eliminate friction sources, e.g. student modifications to add seal, gummed bearings, sticky valve, etc. -Mike-
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Mike Halloran

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