what programming paradigm for remote controlled robot via a web browser?

I am hoping to get some opinions from someone who has experience in
designing remotely controlled robots (semi-autonomous) whereby the operator
sitting on a computer far away using a web browser would be able to see what
the robot is doing while also being able to give instruction to the robot
via the web browser (eg. mouse or keyboard or joystick). My first reaction
would have been to write a cgi program running on the remote machine and
have that program give command to the robot (servo motor, pneumatics).
While the cgi program would interact with the browser through standard http.
However the problem would be the visual interface, how to send the realtime
camera link up to the browser through the cgi program. This shows another
weakness with cgi program, its just not real time enough with a
context-switch everytime you run it. Surely someone out there have ran into
this problem before. How did you go about doing it? what programming
paradign did you use? (cgi? java? or code your own winsock program)?
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