Why C02. . .

Why do they use C02 in those little cartridges used for paint ball and other things, instead of some other gas like nitrogen or or just air?

Also can someone point me to a good site with formulas that tell you how to calculate how much pressure you will have if you empty X mass of C02 into a container of Y volume at room temperature? Assuming you let the temperature normalize after the C02 is released.

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Chris W
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Dear Chris W:

They do use nitrogen and other things as well.

You mean like "PV = nRT"; where n1 = n2, R is the roughly the same, and since you allowing T1 = T2, then: P1 * V1 = P2 * V2

David A. Smith

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3000 psi seems a little high

my recollection & I search for a phase diagram (& other refs) confirmed my suspicions

at room temp you need "only" about 900 psi to liquefy CO2

check these out

formatting link
down to the bottom for a CO2 phase diagram

a CO2 triple point video!

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here is another useful comment on CO2
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to answer your original questions...why CO2 & not some other gas

  1. "relatively" low gas liquid transition temp (thinner pressure vessel ok)
  2. you can store more mass in liquid form for a given volume than gas (smaller & thus cheaper pressure vessel)
  3. CO2 non-combustible....safer
  4. cheap & reliably available

cheers Bob

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