Book on binders (waxes, etc.) for powder metallurgy

For powder metallurgists who haven't heard about this, there is a book
that explains both theory and practice for optimizing the organic
chemicals used to injection mold or dry press metals (or ceramics).
These organics include binders, dispersants, plasticizers, solvents,
defoamers, etc. The book also includes easy-to-read tutorials on
organic chemistry, polymers, and colloids.
At, a Customer Review of the book is visible at
formatting link

If that link doesn't work, you could go to the amazon website (or
Barnes & Noble or similar), search for "Shanefield" (the author), and
then click on Product Info, and then on Customer Reviews.
(Note that at amazon, the first page for this book mistakenly says
it's out of print, but only the First Edition really is, and the
Product Info page correctly says the Second Edition is available for
immediate delivery.)
Dan Shanefield
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Dan Shanefield
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