Easy-to-read industrial electronics book

Because it is UNUSUALLY EASY to read and to understand, this book got
5-star customer reviews in amazon.com. There are many other (quite
good!) electronics books, which are much better on circuit design, but
this book has lots more on the problems commonly faced by non-EE
engineers, chemists, and technicians.
Examples: making signals from sensors stronger, making noise weaker
(RFI, ground loops, etc.) understanding motor controllers, and
understanding the various industrial 3-phase motors and transformers,
which are usually not covered AT ALL in easy-to-read books. Also
explained are digital vs. analog, simple ICs, wiring diagrams, relays,
photonics, etc. Readers will be able to design their own (very
simple!) amplifiers, etc., and there are OPTIONAL experiments, none of
which uses more than two transistors, 2 capacitors, and 2 resistors.
See customer revu at amazon:
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If link doesn't work, go to amazon's site (or Barnes & Noble, etc.)
search books for Shanefield (the author of this book), click on
Customer Reviews.
You can probably buy a used copy cheaper than new, via amazon (or
similar site), since this has been used as a college (and vocational
sch.) textbook, and students often sell those (to buy more beer!),
even tho they really should keep texts like this, for use when they go
to work.
Dan Shanefield
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Dan Shanefield
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