BCA's Railway Book Club in Swindon

Last month, via a advert tucked into one of our sons Model Railway mag's, I ordered four books from BCA's Railway Book Club in Swindon !

I got the two most expensive books but 'Railway Modelling' & 'Digital Command Control' were out of stock so they sent two vouchers, which I had to pay for in the price of the missing books and are due to expire at the end of this month.

They are also after an additional =A33.50 p & p to deliver them.

They sent me their latest magazine but out of 32 pages there were less than a dozen titles on model railways but 5 pages of buses and trams ?

I have e-mailed them and written to them but can not get a reply. I found it very difficult to understand their customer care (?) operator.

Has anyone else had similar problems with them ?

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Dragon Heart
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Not exactly the same but like you I was disappointed in the limited=20 choice of modelling books. Also BCA in general can be a bit of a pest.=20 My wife was a member of one of their clubs and was inundated with phone=20 calls for weeks trying to get her to buy books she did not want. So=20 beware on that front. I had to get really nasty with them in the end=20 and would not deal with them again. Moggie

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Dragon Heart said the following on 16/10/2007 22:38:

I fell for the BCA scam many years ago. The flyer tempts you with lots of good books at good prices, then every month they send you crap! I got out of it as soon as I could. Any books I want I just get for less money from shows or shops.

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Paul Boyd

No problems when I was a member. You do have the right to return the books received as the introductory offer.

If there's nothing in the current catalogue, you can order from previous ones. Ah, that doesn't help a new member. Is there not a wider choice to order from on the website? If, later in your membership, you find a number of books you would like in one catalogue, save some to order later when you can't find any.

The subsequent books, by the time you've paid postage, are little cheaper than retail and it would be much better to support a local bookshop and have them order them for you.


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